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About Brad Child

Brad Child is the Clinical Director of Activated Concepts Consulting and Counselling

Established in 2020, he has held management and senior clinical roles across the child protection and health sectors, including the Dept. of Communities and Justice (DCJ) and NSW Health. Brad’s experience includes being responsible for managing joint investigations in partnership with NSW Police, providing clinical consultations for DCJ across the state whilst in the Office of the Senior Practitioner, senior roles in community and inpatient mental health settings in Northern Local Health District (LHD) and Hunter New England LHD and providing specialist training in both DCJ and NSW Health. Before that, Brad managed a federal mental health program and was a training coordinator with a Registered Training Organisation.

Brad has spent over a decade working with a trauma-informed lens to address mental health barriers, assess capacity and address child protection concerns, alcohol and other drug dependency and family and domestic violence.

Brad is an accredited Social Worker with the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW), an NDIS registered Behavioural Specialist and a current Conjoint Lecturer at the University of Newcastle in the School of Medicine and Public Health. Brad is also a member of the Academy of Clinical Educators and a member of the NSW Branch Management Committee of the AASW.

Brad’s passion is to ensure that everyone is seen and heard in their context to promote genuine understanding, safety, and recovery.


Activated Concepts Consulting and Counselling has adopted a set of values to guide our behaviou

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