This unit centres on the vital nature of providing supports as per the individualised plan for the participant. Furthering to assist you to apply best practice, understand key limitations in plans and monitoring progression


This unit explores positive behaviour support plans (PBSP) and how to implement this to support your participant thrive and minimise the risk of triggers and/or any escalations.


This unit is paramount to practice with people with a disability. You will learn the importance of a person-centred framework and how to implement and monitor this practice in your stakeholder engagement.


This unit explores human rights and the importance of empowerment for people with a disability. You will learn to effectively communicate rights and facilitate choice in an ethical and legal framework.


This unit meets on sector demand considers the benefits of connection, exploration, and new experiences for psychosocial wellbeing. You will be competent in assessing this need, the client’s capacity, creating support plans and managing the risks.


This unit centres on the importance of person-centred care in the disability sector. You will look at skill-based assessments, develop individualised plans, monitoring and documentation progression.


This unit builds on CHCDIS005 and others to explore complex needs and how this work in terms of risk and safety. You will develop prioritising and critical assessment skills to manage the complex needs whilst supporting choice and maximum quality of life.


This unit reflects on your positionality (gender, culture, religion, sexuality, ability etc) and what you bring with you to each engagement. This unit centres on creating cultural safety for diverse clients in this context.


This unit provides the vital legal and ethical underpinning in allied health care practice. It explores how to manage legal and ethical issues you might face in practice.


This unit supports you to understand key terminology for body functions, body parts /structures and the interrelationships between these. You will be able to reconsider and promote quality activities to promote healthy body practices.


This unit focuses on direct practice risks and on maintaining the safety of the worker, people they support and the community. You will cover manual handing, practices for direct care, infection control and more.