This unit explores the rights of clients, assessment and advocacy of their expressed needs and ongoing supports. You will learn to support the voice of clients from a human rights-based approach.


This unit introduces the assessment and managing of case planning for clients with multiple needs. From initial consultation through to referral – you will learn the step-by-step process and tools to assist you to thrive in practice.


This unit is a cornerstone subject in community services and focuses on the art of communication and how you might strategically engage and disengage within the workplace to support success.


This unit reflects on your positionality (gender, culture, religion, sexuality, ability etc) and what you bring with you to each engagement. This unit centres on creating cultural safety for diverse clients in this context.


This unit provides the vital legal and ethical underpinning in community service practice. It introduces legal and ethical issues you might face in practice and explores how to manage these to keep you safe in practice.


This unit establishes the importance of networking with internal and external professionals and organisations to support service delivery and professional practice.


This unit focuses on developing understanding and skills around work, health, and safety. Specifically, looking at responsibilities and how to follow health and safety policies and procedures.


This unit centres on the importance of person-centred care in the disability sector. You will look at skill-based assessments, develop individualised plans, monitoring and documentation progression.


This unit establishes independent accountability by reflecting and evaluating your professional practice. It also explores supervision and ongoing professional development


This unit explores the theories and skills needed to assist you to understand and respond to clients experiencing grief and loss.


This unit explores helping you partner with people that experience mental health issues, to assess their needs and support them to meet their aspirations and needs.