Increase the safety of individuals at risk of suicide

This unit meets sector demand and will support you to identify and manage immediate suicide risk, develop a safety plan and mobilise access to emergency/support networks to minimise risk and create protective factors.

Facilitate community participation and social inclusion 

This unit explores developing and facilitating person-centred strategies for participation in various community settings, functions, and activities to enhance the psychosocial wellbeing and lifestyle of a person with a disability.

Implement trauma-informed care 

This unit meets sector demand and highlights the relevance of trauma important it is to understand. It will assist you to understand the impact of trauma, how common it is and how to promote a safe trauma-informed environment for your clients.

Recognise and respond to crisis situations 

This unit looks at situations where people may be in imminent crisis, assessment of needs and how to minimise any safety concerns and make plans to access required support services.