The Clinical College prides itself on ‘walking the talk’ to assist Students to shine as much as possible! We are not just another Registered Training Organisation; we are clinical professionals working in the field and care about your success! 


Our support does not just include whilst you are studying with us; we also provide post-graduate support to our Graduates.

Academic Support

Study Assistance

As a Student with the Clinical College, you will have unlimited access to our support staff and your Trainer to provide you with timely academic support. Our focus is to partner with you for success so that you can graduate as per your goals!

Support includes:

  Answering questions on any course content
  Providing one on one mentoring, as needed
  Guidance on managing study workloads and life

Practical Experience

As a student, it is paramount that you get sufficient practical experience with different people to apply your knowledge, learn new skills and build your practice competence. One of the founding motivations for the Clinical College being created was due to feedback from Workers and Employers wishing they/their staff had more practical experience in applying theoretical concepts outside a few online role-plays.

As part of your studies at the Clinical College, you will be provided with ample practical experience to apply your theoretical understanding in a safe and relaxed environment. This will allow you to learn your strengths and develop the areas you want to enhance in the face-to-face classes.

Further, once you graduate, we will provide you with follow up support and services to ensure you do not feel alone as you continue to master your aptitudes. This is FREE and our practice commitment to you!


We offer optional tutorials for students in the following areas:

 Getting back into study
 Time Management
  Assessment Writing
  Plagiarism and Academic Integrity

Ask our Support Staff or your Trainer more about these